"Murray Freedman was an icon in the scrap industry. He started in his father's business, I. Freedman & Sons then moved to Peterborough, ON. Later he worked for International Iron and Metal until starting his own business, Worldwide Metal Brokers Inc. approximately 21 years ago.

His travels took him all over Ontario from Sault St. Marie, to Windsor, to Montreal, to Kingston where he had many customers who also became good friends.

Over a period of 50 yrs., I worked with Murray at Intermetco, and also when I started up my own business at Hagersville Recycling.

We had numerous business dealings that were based on integrity and a handshake. Murray's word was his bond, and I had great admiration and respect for him.

Murray and I became good friends, and over the years our two families became very close. He leaves a wonderful legacy, and I feel very fortunate to have known him. I think of him often, and miss our weekly phone calls. I hope all the people who dealt with World Wide will continue to do so, as I know they will make every  effort to carry on where Murray left off.


Murray was, altogether, in the metal and scrap industry for 72 years."



"I am writing this letter to recommend the excellent services of World Wide Metal Brokers Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Murray Freedman for many years. Our business dealings were always conducted with the utmost of professionalism. 

World Wide Metal Brokers has a wealth of knowledge and contacts within the scrap industry to draw on.

This depth has contributed to their expert ability to successfully market scrap metal products"

- KEN ROCHWERG, Wentworth Metal Recycling

"For many years Murray and I have done business together. I sold material to Intermetco through Murray before we even met in person. He was an aggressive buyer, always paid fair prices and he honored what price was agreed upon.

Murray began his own brokerage business World Wide Metal Brokers and I continued to market material through Murray's many business contacts. We again found Murray to have integrity and honored our agreements even though we still had not met in person.

My wife and I decided to travel to Toronto from Battleford, Saskatchewan to meet Murray and his wife, Bernice. We went to dinner, had a wonderful time together and became very close friends with Murray and Bernice. We called one another almost every Friday to wish one another Shabbat Shalom. Murray became like a father to me advising valuable information for our business.

Murray became closer and shared his personal concerns with me when Bernice had to go to a seniors home due to her failing health. We often prayed together over the phone and Murray's love for his family always came first and he went above and beyond to make them comfortable and bless them fully.

After Bernice's passing, Murray began to have health issues, and more than once was on his death bed but God kept him and raised him up to give him time to put his affairs in order. Murray sold his home and moved into a senior’s home.

One evening while my wife and I prayed together, we knew we had to see Murray as this would be the last time until we would see him again in Heaven.

We spent all day visiting Murray and before leaving, we went up to his room, prayed together and we knew then Murray was at peace for his soon coming journey, for goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life and he will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

We continue to pray for the Freedman family daily."


"Upon learning of Murray's passing I was awash with all kinds of memories.

Growing up in the Intermetco "family" I would join my dad during the summer and one of our stops was always to drop in to see Murray.

Murray was larger than life with a huge smile and energy like I had ever seen... whether it was climbing on trucks or sifting through material, he was always moving.

Fast forward to 1987 when I returned to Canada to help a Joint venture company with Intermetco on Commissioners Street.

Although Murray and I didn't work together he was always available for a chat, either for advice or time to pick his brain.

After the joint venture was wound up I was assigned to work together together with Murray and that's when I really saw the scrap genius he was.

His knowledge was encyclopedic regarding any of the products we were buying and the ability to see value in material that most others didn't.

I continue to use much of Murray's advice and lessons in my business and owe much of my success to his mentoring.

He will truly be missed."


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