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Marla Abrahams was born in Toronto, Ontario and who is the daughter of late Murray Freedman, founder of Worldwide Metal Brokers Inc. Marla graduated from York University with an Honors, BA. in Business and Marketing.
From the age of 16, Marla began working in the summer and was mentored by her father, where she was able to gain first-hand experience in every aspect of the scrap metal industry. After university, Marla’s involvement in the business became more hands on, and she gained the responsibility of taking on office administration, marketing, customer service, preparing bids, visiting sites and meeting with other metal brokers. Similar to how he was brought into the scrap metal industry by his father, Murray had the same dream for his daughter to one day follow in his footsteps and carry on his legacy.
Today, Worldwide Metal Brokers continues to operate under the same values instilled by Murray and is dedicated to providing clients with the utmost respect, loyalty, and exceptional service as a leading team in the industry.



Murray Freedman was born in Toronto, Ontario and was the founder and chairman of Worldwide Metal Brokers Inc. At the young age of 16, Mr. Freedman began working part-time with his father, I Freedman and Sons, Ltd., located in Toronto, Ontario. During this time, Murray was being groomed to learn the scrap metal business and would eventually take over the family business. As well, Mr. Freedman was also in school, and was looking to pursue a career in medicine. After his father sold the business in Toronto, Murray relocated the business to Peterborough where he became more hands on with day to day operations.  

From there, Murray was offered an opportunity to further expand his career by accepting a Senior Buyer position from International Iron & Metal Ltd., with specific attention to high profile accounts.

During his career at International Iron & Metal Ltd, which at the time was the largest Metal Recycler in Canada, Murray became the top buyer for Ferrous material. Murray traveled extensively throughout Canada and the US, managing high profile accounts. Murray managed one of the largest yards at Scarborough Iron & Metal limited, a division of International Iron & Metal Ltd.

Mr. Freedman always knew the value of hard work and leadership and was determined to follow his passion in the scrap metal industry. This extraordinary drive and entrepreneurial spirit is what led Murray to move forward and found Worldwide Metal Brokers, Inc. in 1996. 
Murray brought with him the many customers he had worked so closely with during his time at International Iron & Metal Ltd., and quickly developed a strong clientele. Murray’s honesty, loyalty, generosity, strength and ability to establish long standing relationships made it possible for him to succeed. Murray was also known to be generous and charitable in both personal and business areas. He had expanded his business through networking with other dealers, brokers and companies, always providing excellent service to all no matter. Worldwide Metal Brokers Inc. has been in business over 21 years and continues to operate based on Murray’s vision. Murray worked in the scrap metal industry for over 72 years and was well known to all as the, 


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