Recycling Scrap Metal Materials


Aluminum, Nickel, Alloys, Nickel Cobalt, Coppers, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, High Density Alloy*


All grades of Steel & Cast


Demolition services

Strong association with partners to recycle materials.

We BUY & SELL...

Servicing Ontario, Canada, United States and beyond.


Aluminum Rims, Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Radiators, BX Wire, Copper Transformers, Copper & Insulated Copper, Copper Radiators, Electric Motors, Red & Yellow Brass, Heater Cores, Faucets, Brass Auto Radiators, Extrusion Aluminum, Mixed Low Copper Aluminum, Painted Siding, Cast Aluminum, Irony Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Car, Truck or Machine Batteries, Electronics, E-Waste

FERROUS: Cars & Other Vehicles, Engines & Parts, Brake Drums, Trailers, Farm Machinery, Fuel Tanks (empty), Lawn Tractors, Heavy Steel, Metal Beams, Pipes, Guard Rails, Railings, Duct Parts, Fascia, Fridges & Freezers, Stoves & Dishwashers, Barbecues, Filing Cabinets, Hot Water Tanks, Metal Chairs




World Wide Metal Brokers (2018) Inc.

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